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The Technology behind Sonnabis

Naturally made pure and clean air for the plants. And for humans.




SONA Technology converts oxygen molecules (O2) to ions (02- and 02-2) by adding elections to improve indoor air quality.

This is done with the following:

  • No filters

  • No chemicals

  • No Residuals

  • No byproducts

All this is accomplished using oxygen to neutralize pathogens, viruses, mold, and other bacteria. It also breaks down VOCs & odors at the molecular level and doesn't generate heat; instead, we use Cold Plasma Technology.  

Each SONA unit covers 200-250 sq. Feet. Along with low energy consumption (12 Watts) and a small footprint ranging from 10" x 8" x 20".

Installation (5).jpg

Benefits for Cannabis Cultivation using SONA technology.

  • Average of 33% increase om nid and trim weight

  • Fewer number of plant deaths in mass production

  • Increase in THC concentration levels

  • 25% increase in wet weight, despite the prevalence of pests such as aphids

  • Zero observed disturbances or anomalies in the plant cultivation environment due to the installation of SONA 

*Free Trial*      

  • Use SONA technology for a full harvest cycle.

  • 2-Year initial contract w/ automatic yearly renewal.

  • 2 to 5 times return on your lease fee, EVERY MONTH.

  • Weekly optimization performed by SONA technician.

  • No fees for repair or replacement parts. 

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